An Open Letter from the Owner of Jersey Strong

     It's been all over the news and in every store -- costs are going up. Unfortunately, it's been affecting us for some time and while we’ve been doing our best not to pass it on to Jersey Strong members, our 2022 year will see some changes.

     We haven’t adjusted existing member pricing in over 15 years and have held off doing so during the pandemic out of our commitment to be as thoughtful as we can during these times. However, we’ve had to make the tough decision to increase existing member rates by $9.99/mo+tax (for members who joined prior to 11/30/2021) based on increased costs.

    We know it’s not great news and we don’t take it lightly. That’s why we’ve made sure to give all members advance notice. These changes will take effect in February 2022 (at a rate that’s still below new member pricing). As a reminder, all memberships are monthly should you wish to adjust your membership status.

     The past 18 months also taught us that our members need more flexibility and more options in the way they may choose to utilize Jersey Strong and their membership. That’s why these additional flexible workout options will be available this coming January 2022 as well.

If you have additional questions about the rate increase please contact us here.

In good health and with respect,

Stephen S. Roma
CEO / Owner