Personal Coaching Built into Your Membership

Encouragement, accountability and constantly updated custom workouts

Specifically designed to match your lifestyle, body and goals

In order for any fitness plan to work - it needs to be matched to 3 highly personal and critical components

Your Lifestyle

"Generic" workouts you find on the web and fitness apps don't naturally fit into your lifestyle.  Your personal coach understands your life, your commitments and when you have time to exercise.  That makes for a workout a plan that seamlessly fits into your routine.

Your Body

When a professional, experienced fitness pro reviews your personal fitness profile you get a plan that your body can get to work on right away and is immediately targeting the areas where you want improvement.

Your Goals

When you have a guide that designs workouts based on your specific goals, timelines and current fitness level, you'll reach your goals quickly.  Then you can decide if you want to maintain or continue to climb higher!

Personal Fitness Coaching through the Jersey Strong+ App
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Not Artificial Intelligence. Human Intelligence.

Meet your personal coach.  With Jersey Strong+, you can connect with your coach whenever you like.

  • Ask for tips and encouragement
  • Ask for new workouts
  • Ask for nutritional guidance
  • Ask for tricks to manage bad habits

You can text through the app and you'll have monthly face-to-face "zoom" calls to discuss progress, make adjustments and stay on track.

When you embrace technology as part of your fitness routine, you get personal attention all month for less than the cost of a single personal training session.



Your Jersey Strong+ Membership has it all

Custom workouts delivered weekly

Individualized plan built for you

Your own personal coach

Message your coach anytime

Workout guidance

Nutritional guidance

Monthly body scan

Monthly movement scan

Ongoing program updates

PLUS all VIP membership perks


So you keep getting results

An App that Keeps you Moving Forward

Daily Calendars to keep you on track. Results tracking. Much more.