What to Look For in Your Gym’s Mobile App

Health Club Mobile AppWelcome to the information age. Nowadays it’s not enough to sign up for any old gym membership. Your gym needs to evolve as technology and information evolves. It’s crucial to select a health club that invests in a user-friendly and helpful mobile application.

You may be wondering: Why does a gym even need a mobile app? According to a new study by Deloitte, Americans look at their phones approximately 47 times per day. If you’re between the ages of 18 to 24, that number jumps up to about 82 times per day.

That’s a lot of screen time.

Between scheduling your lift session in your mobile calendar and sending diet tips to your “Swolemates” group chat, here are some attributes you should look for your gym’s mobile app:

  • Log Your Workouts: Keeping track of your progress is a critical feature of your gym’s mobile app. When you check in at the front desk, your health club’s mobile app should be keeping track. With the ability to record previous workouts, add additional workouts, and view your history, you can hold yourself accountable. Many health insurance companies offer reimbursement for regular health club utilization. Recording your workouts via a mobile app is an easy way to submit your progress to your WoWApp_Screenshot.jpginsurance.
  • Find a Class: On the go? No problem. Pop in to your health club’s mobile app and see what classes are available. If your gym has multiple locations, you should be able to segment by location to see what classes are avialble. Bonus points if you can register for the class directly within the app.
  • Set and Record Goals: Your gym’s mobile app should have a goal center where you can set and record progress toward your goals. Goal categories should be segmented to include number of workouts, calories burned, time, and distance completed.
  • Get Exclusive Deals: Your gym may offer occasional deals, such as access to free personal training, or turf sessions. A deals area can allow users to access promotions and added membership benefits.
  • Refer a Friend: Make it easy for your friends and family to join your workouts by sending them a referral link through the app. With referral bonuses as an added benefit, you won’t lose track of who referred whom.
  • Manage Your Account: Managing your account shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why your gym’s mobile app should allow you to see your membership details and manage your account directly from the app.
  • Integrate with Other Fitness Apps: The best gym apps will allow you to sync up with the fitness apps you already love, like RunKeeper, fitbit, Moves, and myfitnesspal. All with a couple clicks from the app interface.
  • Record Your Workouts: Want to share your progress with some digital footage? Your gym’s app should allow you to use your phone’s camera to capture video and picture footage that you can associate with your workout. Make sure your position is aligned and share your progress with your friends.
  • Friend Activity Feed: Speaking of friends, you’ll want to be able to keep up with your workout buddies. Logged workouts, synced apps, calories burned and distances completed should all be synced to a live activity feed where you can share progress and engage with other gym-goers.

Ready to see for yourself what an all-inclusive gym mobile app looks like? Download the WoW Mobile App from the App Store for free here: