5 Fitness Apps You Need to Download as Soon as Possible

Not seeing the results you want from your visits to the gym? It could be because you aren’t properly tracking your progress. Fitness tracking is crucial to your long-term success at the gym. Whether you’re tracking your calorie intake, mapping your macros, or counting your steps and reps, technology has made tracking easier than ever.

With that in mind, we compiled the complete list of apps you need to download to align your body, mind, and spirit to meet your fitness goals.

Get Your Diet on Track with MyFitnessPal

MYFITNESSPAL APPWith the world’s largest digitally-accessible database of nutrition and calorie counts, MyFitnessPal is the #1 choice for food journaling. We downloaded the app to test it in our own pantries. From a lonely Trader Joe’s power bar from several months ago, to the sports drink we had purchased that morning, each item was seamlessly and accurately uploaded to our digital journals simply by taking a photo of the barcode.

With easy and fast searches for your favorite foods, like avocados, bananas, and a handful of cashews, you can log your meals in literal seconds.

Advanced app features allow you to segment your diet by macros, set calorie and weight goals, and sync with hundreds of other apps for real-time calorie intake goals.

Here’s what folks are saying about the app:

“I’ve been using this app for a little over two weeks now and it is an absolute life changer. I’ve been struggling to maintain the necessary nutrition for my weight loss goals because I have never found a consistent convenient way to track calories and macro nutrients (protein, carbs, fats). This app is AMAZING!” 

Use Your Body as Equipment with Freeletics Bodyweight

FREELETICS APPYou don’t need fancy gym equipment to get a good workout in at home. Freeletics is an app that allows you to select your personal goals and receive a customized bodyweight workout right to the app. With images and videos to help you understand proper alignment, you can move through a circuit at your own pace. After the workout you can select whether the workout was too easy, just right, or too challenging. The app will then populate a smarter workout for you the next time you log in.

Whether you’re heading to the gym, or just looking for a 20-minute sweat before picking up the kids, this app is for you.

With optional paid coaching, you can take your progress to the next level. Weekly personalized instructions, performance-based challenges, and holistic training bring the benefits of a digital personal trainer to your living room.

Here’s what folks are saying about the app:

“This app quite simply will allow you to change your life. It gives you bite sized easy to complete workouts that soon morph into the most challenging workout that many of you are likely to ever have done in your life.” 

Align Your Mind and Body With Headspace Meditation

Headspace appWe tried several of the top meditation apps for beginners to find the best value. From a midday break to a quick 10-minute guided meditation before bed, Headspace is by far the best bang for your buck. The free version includes ten 10-minute guided meditations designed to introduce you to the basics of meditation. Animated videos help explain the concepts of clearing your mind, and reaching mental bliss when life gets a little too noisy.

You’ll find yourself reaching for the app again and again to listen to Andy Puddicombe’s soothing voice lull you into complete mental bliss.

Optional paid versions allow you to focus on sport, relationships, general health, work performance, and relaxing sleep. But the free version is robust enough to make this app the the most comprehensive free meditation app out there.

Here’s what folks are saying about the app:

“I’ve been using Headspace for almost 2 years now, it really impacted my life in the best way possible. Most meditation practices are either boring or too far from realities of life. I love how Andy breaks it down to small pieces of wisdom.” 

Find the Right Music Track with Spotify Running

SPOTIFY RUNNING APP.pngAny music-lover is already familiar with Spotify. But GPS technology and Spotify have come together to provide you with the greatest on-demand running playlist you could ever dream of. Spotify Running is a non-stop playlist of music that you love with targeted beats-per-minute to guide your running stride. With customized playlists based on your listening preferences, you can select the “Recommended for You” playlist. Or choose to run by genres including Indie, Rock, Fun Runs, and Hip Hop.

How does it work? Turn on Spotify Running and start your run. Spotify will map your steps per minute to beats per minute to populate targeted music to keep you on track. Speed up, and the app will transition with you. Or if you have a targeted pace in mind, you can set it within the app to make sure you’re staying on target.

Or if you’re just looking for an upbeat playlist to get you through your next set of reps at the gym, you can increase or decrease your steps-per-minute for faster or slower beats.

Here’s what folks are saying about the app:

“Great app. Have been able to find the vast majority of any music I want, and have even discovered entirely new artists with the use of this app over the years.” 

Track Your Workouts with the Jersey Strong App

Jersey Strong AppStrap your phone to your arm and hit the gym with the Jersey Strong App. With progressive goal-setting, workout tracking, and nutrition tips you can take your gym visits to the next level. Best of all you can view class schedules and register right from the app, which makes varying your workout routine with free gym classes easier than ever.

In-club challenges make each week more exciting than the last. Best of all, your progress syncs with some of the most popular fitness apps on the market, so you can make sure your diet, exercise, and rest goals are completely aligned.

Here’s what folks are saying about the app:

“As a person who is always on the go, I use the Jersey Strong app to book my group classes, day-in, day-out. I also use it to set daily goals, and to log my individual workouts. The push notifications they send out certainly help as well!”